New Works 2020

As I work along through the year, I will be posting my art pieces here. It will be interesting to see what I come up with, because this is a year I want to expand my horizons. I've tried that a little before, but now I just feel it's the right time. So stay tuned. 

If anything on this appeals to you, click on the Contact button above and let me know. Not everything I post here will necessarily be posted on Etsy too.  If you live locally, you can save the shipping by picking  up your purchase directly from me.  I will invoice you through PayPal. You do not need an account to use the service.  

Using the SquareUp option,  I can also take credit and debit cards if you prefer.  

Many thanks for looking, Romona 


Nerissa is a 24" wall hanging Mermaid. She is made with a variety of fabrics, embellishments and even knitting yarn. 

Her embellishments included mussel shell beads attached subtly here and there to mimic scales. 

Nerissa is available for purchase on my Etsy page  There are more pictures to see there. Click her name below.

Nerissa (Sea Nymph)

Ms. Downey

Downey is my version of the Downey Woodpecker native to this area. My version is female and pretty, because usually in the bird world, the males are always the pretty one of the pair. 

Downey is 12" long and 8" tall. Her beak and feet are clay, the rest is fabric and trims. If Downey appeals to you, she is available to purchase for $110.00 + $20.00 for shipping.


Gracie is very much into bling. She also has a fascination with reindeer, even to the extent of wanting to look the part. She is a small stature doll, measuring only 12", then add on another 3" for the antlers.

If Gracie appeals to you, she is available for $75.00 + $20.00 for shipping.