Artisans 2019

I am adding my offerings for the Nov/Dec Artisans Show/Sale. Continue to check back for what's new

Linda Goes to the Opera

My friend and mentor passed away in March and I thought it would be a nod to her that I feature a doll I made from a class with her. This is Linda and she is ready for the opera and I wonder which one it will be. She even has her binoculars to view things close up. Her face, hands and shoes are clay. The rest is a fabric body with dowels  for support and stands about 22" tall.  I'm really happy with her and I hope you will come and see her at Artisans in Nov/Dec.


Michaela is a doll bust. She is reminiscent  of a character from a carnival perhaps. She is thought provoking for sure.  She stands about 14" tall. Her costume is made from handmade paper. Her head and hand are of polymer clay. She's a good size for a small space.  

Ready for Christmas

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Sophie and Ella

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