The artists world is limitless.....

It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives....

or a few feet away.....

It is always on his doorstep....

~Paul Strand~

Welcome to my Website

Please follow the links above to my variousl sites.

Themost recent is my Etsy site as of March 16th, 2019.

There you will find my hand crafted items for sale as well as doll making tutorials.  More will be added very soon.

I am a member of the ArtSea Community here in Sidney.

Once a year I submit my work for their shows. The date and time will be posted below. Here is the link to ArtSea if you are an artist and would like to be part of this great community of like minds.

My Events for 2019...


ArtSea Gallery re-opening

The gallery is open,  September 4th


The gallery is open to again be able to come and enjoy local artists work. Please check the website for what is on display week by week. The link is below and the artists have descriptions and times listed on the site. 

Cost:   FREE 

ArtSea Gallery at Tulista Park

9565 Fifth St. Sidney BC Canada

Phone:  250.656.7400